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Uncle John and aunty Heather

Hello there! I am Johnny ( Vietnamese name is Hoan ,Hoan as in Hoan Kiem lake) . I will tell about my special friends,those're uncle John and his wife - anty Heather . One time , on the bus 31 to go to university ,i have met a oversea man who i will tell you all in my storie . i don't know how to say ,was it a luck? we exchanged the seat each other .may be you would ask me why did we exchange seat ? i often have problems with the throat . and situation was going on the autum. Before meeting John , my english skill is alittle .when i first had coversation with him ,in fact i was just speaking :" what 's your name? where are you from? and how old ..." untill now ,i think that i am actually a fool .In the first meeting on the bus , he gave me his card .and certaintly i did not loose this good oportitunity, i thought him just coming to Hanoi ,he would like to study local language and we had planned to have a first meet . In the morning sunday , we met and i gave them alittle gift with some fresh fruits ( Chom chom ) hahaha. I had become a vietnamese teacher for John and his wife.we walked around hanoi streets. From those letter in sidewalk ,and tried to teach them speak. it's fun! No like his friend in Hanoi ,you don't know John is one of oversea speaks vietnamese badly. hahaha.
John's department was in Ngo Ba Trieu where is nere Vincom tower ,and after then they moved to Tran Quoc Toan street. I have come there 3 times .Their department is a quite large with 3 rooms ,one of guest room and two sleep rooms . I still remember the first time, at their Giving 's party where i was met his friends .most of them come from Australia and having some vietnamese friends ,certainly me and my friend - Thao were there( Thao is studying at academy of finance which 's near my university . we have studied together in the english class. She cooks very well that made me like her at first).
At that time ,i focused on Toiec cirtificate . John has helped me . we used to meet at Lake every thursday .
Sometime i have class in university and we also take the bus together. We had fun conversations and we laughted alots. we always meet at shop coffee ,having a drink and he help me process english skill for Ielts cirtificate From first meeting untill now my english skill is better. I have been trying to process skill because i am going to studying and working abroad after graduating university . His wife - Heather . At the first meeting ,John said me his wife's name is the name of flower in high hill Australia .
Heather is a good woman . She often helps me when i meet problems with John. In fact ,i was bad at writing skill english , even i could not write a letter by english .haha. Anty Heather 'voice is quite difficult to hear if you have a first meeting , i spent 2 months to understand what she said . Heather 'd love to learn cooking Vietnamese foods ,but she met a big problem that John could not eat "MI CHINH" .if he eats foods with "michinh" spice ,his body will be allergy. that why she could not be successful . I still remember ,she asked me what names of vegtables .perhaps ,Australia has not kind of strange vegtables . The second times visting their department , i took my friend to cook vietnamese food. That's simple rice noodle and snails( in viet nam ,it is called Bun OC). i didn't actually know more about Bun Oc ,and i didn't also know why i chose that food to cook at the second meeting at their department, hahaha. Luck for me. my friend Linh ( Linh is also one of friend as i met on the bus . She lives in her uncle's house in Linh Nam road and we also take the same buses to the same university. Linh is silly ,haha.
at the first , we wanted to talk each other ,but it seemed that both of me and her kept distance.DO you know ? her hair was short at that time and alittle silly . i thought her was first or second year,and i said lie her that i was fourth year to her must call me as brother ,hahaha. I often call her is Hyena because her name 's Linh . She doesn't actualy know Hyena what it means .:D . i will talk more about Linh in my blog )

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