Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 5, 2012

Loies - my lovely cad!

My friend who i call "nhi de" . One night ,she was going out with her roommate and founding a tiny cat that was lost mummy.It is a three colors cat ( black,white and yellow ) ,she was freezing and afraid - because it was in the winter. Nhi de took the tiny cat to her room. In fact my friend loves cat so much ,but you know it will be difficut with student who even can't look after yourself . Nhi de required me to help her, we have looked after for 2 cats that Dong's cat . We was sad when had to bring them to Thaibinh for Tet holiday. That is a lovely twin ,one boy and one girl ,haha. We love them and even took pictures after that uploaded to facebook ,haha.
Coming back our new cat "Loies" ,as i first saw her ,"oh no " i thought . May be i was wrong and too quick to accept would look after her . Loies was first in my eyes : slim ,durty,and too naughty ... i thought so. Before taking to my house in Linh Nam road ,Nhi De had gave me a medicine for Loise and tolk me remember to take it for her. ... Loies has been living together with us for 4 months ,and now she is growing ,fatter than but still keeping alittle naughty of baby . Hung loves her so much,he often takes her in his arms,sometime he kisses her and tell her those joking . hahaha. When i told my friends that i often have bath for her ,someone didn't believe in . Her look is more beautiful than and perfume . Be continued......

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