Chủ Nhật, 20 tháng 5, 2012

Visiting The Maosoleum on Uncle's birthday.

Just finishing the examination 's period , i have planed traveling around Hanoi  ,first to visit some friends and then to relax after the hard course . On Friday , i would have a meeting with Hieu whom is friend in the class at  the university . He is living near Trade Foreign University which Hang 's unviversity. But unlucky,as i got near his department , i didn't contact to him . I wondered why ,untill later  i was known that he slept during i made a phone to him. Perhaps he could not sleep last night . I had to change the plan. Linh and his parents are living near there , i took the bus  to their shop in Lang Ha street . Through the door glass  i saw him working on his computer . I pushed  in the door and came into .That's a small shop which there are many kind of geodetic machines. They  were diplayed on the glass case . One big table and some chairs are bases in middle of the room ,and next to is their corner to work with one computer and  documentaries.... Linh and me had a tea on big table, later his father came into . We made some conversations and then his father left . About 15 munites later ,his mother came into ,but she also left immediatly . We asked each other and talking others.  At 11 o'clock , i must leave to visit my friend ,Linh said he would take me to my friend 's department ,but as i made a call to Hieu ,his phone was missed . we said goodbye , i walked to the bus stop  ....
On Saturday ,May 19th that 's Uncle Ho Birthday . I woke up early ,after the regular doing exercise ,i went to the bus stop to take the bus to Maosoleum . On the point  i met two youths , at the first i didn't know we aiming to visit Maosoleum . Taking 2 bus ,finanally  i stood near area of  The Maosoleum .
At 7.30 am ,the sunshine was quite hot . i followed the people line  to visit inside . May 15th , ethnic from over the contry and over the world would come to travel alot. Taking near 1 hour ,i came to the main gate to get inside . A strange feeling came back , i would not dibcrible why. I had first been vistied to the Maosoleum  with  myself since 2004 .
Via the glass , we saw Uncle whom the Father of Vietnamese ethnic . The Father is protect by 4 honored soldier . They wear the formal uniforms.
I left the Maosoleum ,and after that i  walked  on the road to Nha San where Uncle Ho lived and worked . Around  Nha san , i met many kind of trees that was arrived to there . I met  a big pond that bases on the centre of area .

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