Thứ Bảy, 2 tháng 6, 2012

My first job in my life

After graduating the high school  and finishing  the examination  to come into University  . I had chosen my way is would study those jobs to earn money for my life.  In these day at home , I  was watching  his performance  work and  thought in my mind that I would  follow him to study his job . I asked for my mother to his home  and  told   them . They agreed and  I knew that not too difficult . The first day ‘s work , I came the workshop early. He  and me had  a tea and  he  asked me  what name is  . He also told me about  his life ,he  had worked abroad  :  China,Malaysia … He  advised me  should  go abroad to study more  about  the technology  and culture  . May be  this has affected me until now and forever  .In my mind ,I always  would like to study and  live  abroad  where I can improve everything . At the  workshop   I  known  others  whom  are  older than me and I was sure  that I  was  the  youngest  .  They  taught  me every things  from  small to big . Do you know?   I  was very  silly , I  used to  be shy when meeting  crowded people ,even  standing  nearly  girl ,hahaha . I thought that  I had to change if I  wanted to grow and I have done  . In the first day’s work  , brother Chien  tried to change me , I was had to work outside  ,apart  the workshop is too small and apart he  wanted me   more confident .  Day by day , our  relationship  became better . and  the  happy news came to me ,I passed  the university  . The day  when I  left workshop and  we had a small  party to wish me  study  well  . 
Thanks brothers so much!

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