Thứ Ba, 5 tháng 6, 2012

Working at the English and Imformation techology center.

In fact , i don't wanna talk about this ,because it related to my sad love with one .I 've tried to hide it on my heart and never talking it to anyone. 
In the morning of  spring day , after out of class i and some close friend together coming back our rooms. Not like usual day , there is a big cataloge  based near the security room .i did not see it before that. I  came to the table and amazing . That is Hang who studying together in high school . I recognize her but she was not :D . But it was usual , she was a good student in my school ,and she was quite famous  at that time. She looks currently different : more beautiful than and like a growth . I called her and tried to make her reach  the forgotten memories . Thanks Godness ! i know her but  she didn't know me . But that was too enough. " How are u? How do u do? ...."  it was these questions  that i asked her .Time Working off  i helped her  one arm to take her equipments back their place . She  invited me joining with her because working at  the booking would have 2  staffs. She gave me her phone number and promised to help me  . In the next afternoon , i  took the bus to university . We meet each other at my university and together went to the manager  office. The place was not as like as i  thought before. It is actually  just a coffee shop with name " Diem Hen" . We did not meet the manager here,but we still brought needed things to our working place. On Hang 's bycicle ,we were going and chatting . The work time was started at 3.30am. Here was our working place ,no umbrella , just one table ,one big cataloge , and some oversea books and final is some application form for student and instructed information. 

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